Meet 55 Boutique, Aussie, Magical Gin Makers!

17-19 March 2023

The romantic Timber Yard is Melbourne’s hidden secret and the perfect setting for a friendly, tasty, Gin Festival! Your ticket gives you your choice of complementary samples and G&Ts featuring Long Rays mixers, a tote bag, a souvenir glass, and 55 Aussie craft distillers to chat to. Hear their production secrets and buy their bottles to take home. While enjoying your G&Ts, head outside to the lawn to check out the food trucks and grab yourself a Schibello Coffee. Why not sign up for a Tutored Tasting?

LOCATION: The Timber Yard. 351 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

Tasting Sessions


5.00pm – 8.30pm


12.00pm – 3.30pm
5.00pm – 8.30pm


12.00pm – 3.30pm


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Tutored Tastings

From the people that make the gin.

Ready for a 45-minute, tasty, fun-filled session? Including real live distillers, tapas, a G&T PLUS entry into the next 3 ½ hour Gin Festival session? $110. Grab your tickets now before they sell out!

What is a Navy Gin?

with Prohibition Liquor Co (SA)

Based in Adelaide, this award-winning gin company will take a dive into the Navy Gin category during a turbo-charged taste and learn session. This 58% alcohol gin complements the rough seas, celebrating the juniper-based spirit’s naval heritage. Want to know more and meet this entertaining team headed up by Wes the gin magician?

FRIDAY 17 MARCH 4:15pm – 8:00pm $110

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Is Contemporary Gin Contemporary?

with Plan B Distillery (TAS)

Distillers Tash and Fuzz tell you immediately you are in for a fun ‘gin’ ride.

Pepper-Rose is one of their gold-medal Contemporary Australian gins. Expect the unexpected and enjoy this delicious gin neat or with a Long Rays mixer – your choice! So what makes it Contemporary? That’s for us to know and you to discover!

SATURDAY 18 MARCH 11:15am – 3.30pm  $110

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Just how ‘Sloe’ is a Sloe Gin?

with Adams Distillery (TAS)

These two distillers (both named Adam – true!) will invite you into their world of infused berries, which have been steeped for six months then placed in lightly toasted and charred ex Pinot Noir casks to age and mature to perfection. Also true! The results are a sweet, viscous, complex and smooth gin. How can you not be totally interested?

SATURDAY 18 MARCH 4:15pm – 8.30pm $110

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The Barossa’s Take on Flavored Gin.

with Barossa Distilling Co (SA)

Their Shiraz Gin is produced just once a year from the same super-intense shiraz grapes that are revered across the globe. Silky-smooth with an inky depth and incredible richness – truly a Spirit of Barossa. Learn how flavour is created and refined in the production of gin through maceration techniques whilst enjoying this delightful drop with the Barossa Distilling team!

SUNDAY 19 MARCH 11:15am – 3.30pm $110

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Tasting session tickets include:

  • Tasting glass to keep

  • Tote bags for your purchases

  • 50+ Distillers to meet

  • 200+ Gins to taste

  • Long Rays Tonic & Soda Water

Responsible Service of Alcohol practices will be observed. Enquiries:

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