How to enjoy the gin festival safely.

Gin Events Pty Ltd observes and enforces Responsible Service of Alcohol practices at all events. This ensures the safety and enjoyment of everybody at the festival. Here are some tips from our team to get the most out of your day at the gin festivals.

What to bring

Please bring along your ticket, proof of age documentation and a credit card (our exhibitors are 100% cashless). We also suggest wearing comfortable shoes!

What not to bring

You are not permitted to bring your own drinks to the event. All gin samples are included in your ticket. Illicit drugs, illegal substances, explosives and weapons are also strictly prohibited.

How to get to the event

If you wish to sample gin on the day, we strongly suggest taking public transport, ride share, or getting a lift to the event. Please don’t drink and drive.

Behavior at the event

While there may be lots of gins to choose from, managing your alcohol consumption is key to a good time. Plan your tastings, take your time, and consume responsibly.

Spittoons are available for liquid waste if you are ready for your next sample. Ensure you are drinking plenty of water, which is freely available on each stand throughout the festival.

There is a zero tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour, so unless you want to be escorted out of the building by security, be sensible, know your limits, and keep an eye out for your mates.

Sampling safely

Our events focus on gin education and appreciation. Sampling spirits is a journey, not a race. Chat to the distillers, learn about their products, and perhaps consider purchasing a bottle or two to enjoy at home. The distillers will not be offended if you pour out your glass before moving on to your next tasting.

Our events offer a large variety of gins from which to choose. The list of attending distillers is available on our event pages. The goal is not to taste every gin in the room, but to find products you enjoy and want to learn more about. Our events run annually, so you can always come back next year to try that gin you missed at the festival.

Whilst rare, drink spiking does occur in licensed premises across Australia. To avoid these incidents:

  • Always get your own samples and watch them being poured.
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
  • Never leave your drink unattended whilst using the bathroom. If you need a new tasting glass, please come and see a member of our team.
  • Don’t drink or taste anyone else’s drink.
  • Dispose of any drink if you think it tastes odd.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour or feel unwell, please bring it to the attention of our exhibitors, event staff or security. We’re here to help.